Applemeadow Autumn Gold CD TD


Text Box:       Baby Autumn was an only child born to our Maggie (Ch. Corhampton's Peggy Lee) and Am Ch. Oceanspray Rockefeller. Being an only, she has been the apple of everyone's eye.  She has grown into a beautiful young lady with a distinguished personality.  Like her mother, she lives life to the max, is full of vim and vigor, and possesses poise and presence.  Autumn's chocolate pigmentation will keep her from entering in conformation, but she excels at everything else!   After 15 classes she easily attained her CKC Companion Title, making her our 2nd Applemeadow obedience titled dog.  What a talented dog she is.  
     Autumn is the constant companion of our youngest daughter.   She loves University life when she is not hanging out at home.   Kate and Autumn attained a Therapy Dog title in the Fall of 2011 with Therapeutic Paws.   Awesome accomplishment, congratulations to both of you~!
   Autumn is our 3rd - 100th percentile Pennhip dog. For more information on PennHIP visit their website at , or call us for and explanation.   
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