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Applemeadow Golden Delicious

"Dee Dee"




Text Box: Dee Dee is third generation Applemeadow.  She is named after a wonderful eating apple - a golden delicious.  Sweet to the core is a perfect way to describe her. Little bit shy, cute as a button, loves everyone and everything  ....  what better characteristics to possess.  Dee Dee was born a med yellow, with dark ears but has changed to a pale yellow with a slightly darker midline and ears.     A very affectionate soul, with plenty of coat, and deep black pigmentation.  Dee Dee will be shown when she matures, following her mother's footsteps!  Crispin took the show ring by storm after her 1st litter - 5 shows! - New Champion
Her dad is Ch Jaunenoir's Enchanted Spirit and her mom Ch. Applemeadow Crispin.  She is 3rd generation PennHIP tested at Applemeadow and we are very, very pleased with her score which register her at 100 percentile .  This means that based on a cross-section of 16,969 labradors, Dee Dee hips are tighter than approx. 100 percent of this group.  An average dog is 50th percentile and it is recommended that you choose breeding stock from those dogs which are 50th percentile (the median) or higher.     


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