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Text Box: Is this one big enough for the trellis you are building?
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Text Box: Text Box: Jazmine at 8 weeks
Text Box: Text Box: This girl without exaggeration is the most awesome companion.  A more loyal friend you could not ask for.  She supervises all of the younger members of the dog family, oversees the farm operations, and is the first to volunteer to ride in the front seat if there is a trip to be made into town!  She disciplines our teenage daughters  with a disapproving bark when they have verbal disagreements, and always places herself between a stranger and her family, while she evaluates the situation.  Jazz puts us at ease that she will hear anything that we miss, whether it is a customer for apples, or someone at the door, she has an innate ability to sense what needs attending to.  In addition to this she feels it is her duty to accompany Linda every time she goes for a run through the orchard.  
Jazz has a slightly higher energy level than some of our other gals but it is this trait is expressed in her overwhelming desire to please those around her. She now enjoys her days laying in the sun, sleeping under the table and overseeing everything on the farm.  
Text Box: Birthdate  Jan 5, 1999
CKC Registration # JA710021                                                                                          Black - Byc                  
OVC Hips #018154                                                                  CERF Eyes Normal  Nov 06
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                                    CKC Registration # MJ806771                                                          Yellow

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