Applemeadow Ruby

      Named after the apple variety "September Ruby"  The Ruby apple is a very crisp, red, sweet apple with origins in the Canadian Prairies. An old heritage variety.

     She is a pleasure to own and just so much like her mother Jazmine. An awesome companion just beaming with desire to please.  Ruby is a bit more upbeat than some of our clan, but certainly knows how to relax as well.  Always willing, always ready, whether it is to go for a car ride, a run in the fields, or a swim in the dog pool.  She would fetch bumpers till the cows came home.  She excelled in obedience and would make an awesome hunting companion. 

     She carries moderate bone, coat, has a very pleasing head style, which runs strong in her lineage.  Her PenHipp score is outstanding in the 80 percentile!  Her father is a 70th percentile, and she is the 2nd generation of PennHIP.  This combined with the sire of her litter (Marshall whom is 4th generation PennHIP) should give a solid foundation to her puppies.   Ruby's natural retrieving abitity, awesome personality, & correct confirmation are other important attributes we are hoping she will pass all her offspring in the years to come!




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CKC Registered                                                                                          Black - Bc
OVC Hips and Elbows #0032051                                 CERF Eyes Normal - June 2007
PennHip   80%   D.I. Right .38      Left .33      

Hey, This white stuff is fun!


Look it gave me a beard to match my tiny white strip on my chest

8 Weeks

Ruby - August 2006 


14 weeks

Ruby's Dad Easton"

Ch. Jaunenoir's Easton

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